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Rezultat iskanja slik za scopus gif

Scopus (remote access for library patrons)

A multidisciplinary bibliographic collection with a citation index, built by the largest publisher of international scientific literature, Elsevier B. V.


Base (Open Access)

This search engine is one of the most comprehensive for academic web resources. Of more than 140 million indexed documents, about 60% are available free of charge (open access).

Rezultat iskanja slik za EBSCO

EBSCO (remote access for library patrons) includes 2 collections:

  1. Military and Government Collection offers professional and scientific literature in government affairs, military sciences, skills, techniques and history, defense and foreign policy, legislation, etc.
  2. Academic Search Premier covers humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. In addition to scientific literature it includes current events in the world of politics, economics, culture, technology, entertainment, etc.

More information here.


SpringerLink (library location access)

The service includes access to approximately 1900 scientific and professional journals and over 30,000 books. They cover various professional fields: law, business and economics, natural and technical sciences, humanities, psychology, sociology, etc.


Sage (remote access for library patrons)

SAGE Journals Online Collection is designed for the searching for professional and scholarly literature and reading of articles in social sciences and humanities, medicine, technology and science.


Rezultat iskanja slik za open access gif

Nacionalni portal odprte znanosti (National Open Science Portal) provides access to final papers form all levels of study at all Slovenian faculties.

ReVIS provides access to full text final papers of New University students.

Rezultat iskanja slik za ius info

Legal Information Portal Ius-Info (remote access for library patrons).


E-KURS -  e-commentary of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia is now accessible online, with a search engine and without registration. The free version includes 2002 and 2011 editions.



University Library of New University

University Library of New University (ULNU) provides library and informational support and optimal conditions for studying and scientific-research work to members of New University.

Name of institution: Univerzitetna knjižnica Nove univerze

Address: Mestni trg 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; telephone number: 01 251 44 85
library number: 51018, ISIL: SI-51018


For visitors of library

Visitors to the library can enjoy free Wi-Fi, several reading spaces (with or without) computers, and professional assistance from the librarians, who are always happy to help you search for materials or give you information.

The library registration fee is already covered upon enrolment, but you need to enrol in the library seperately. If you have not enrolled yet you can do so in person or via email. What is requred is an ID and a filled in and signed registration form (find attached at the bottom of the page).


Reservation of the material

Because we value your time we offer a new service – reservation of materials through "My Library" on

Upon logging in the My Library system you choose the desired book in the UKNU catalogue and make a reservation. When we prepare the book, you get a notification via e-mail. Reserved materials will be waiting for you at the library for three working days after receiving the notification. If you will not require the material you can always cancel via the service, email or telephone, but unclaimed reserved materials will be charged according to the price list (0,50 EUR).


Information resources

The library provides off site access to several information resources, both from international and slovenian sources. Access is enabled for library patrons with the same access information you use to reserve materials from the library. 

If you haven’t recieved a password for accessing My Library on COBISS.SI, please call us on 01 251 44 85 or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are writing your thesis make sure it is in accordance with the Technical instructions

UKNU provides librarian-informational services to the following members of New University:

  • European Faculty of Law
  • Faculty for Government and European Studies
  • Faculty for Slovene and International Studies
Download this file (Vpisnica_eng.pdf)Registration form[ ]

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