About University

New University is founded as a private higher education institute with elements of public-private partnership established by concession and other public funds allocated for international exchanges and research.

The mail goal of New University is to become an elite educational institution based on the quality of study programmes, application selection and international comparability. To achieve this goal we will respect the highest ethical standards on all areas.

Original areas of study and scientific research are law, administration, international relations, european studies, conflict resolution, slovene studies, ethics in public life and interdisciplinary programmes of law and management in the field of real estate, infrastructure and sustainable developments.

The university is engaging in the international higher education space by promoting student, academic and non-academic staff exchanges with the partner institutions from abroad. The university also collaborates with the latter in different forms of higher education and international research projects.

New University gives a special emphasis on the research activity and because of that has an intention to establish the main centre of research in the regional level and one of the most prominent research centres on the national level, that will at the same time be distinctively focused on cooperation and visibility in european and global scientific space.

At its establishment New University links three faculties – European Faculty of Law, Faculty of Government and European Studies and Faculty of Slovene and International Studies. The purpose is to broaden the fields of education by bringing in new joined members and by introducing new interdisciplinary programmes run by University itself of via members.

New University represents a synergy of its members with institutional and disciplinary integration with study programmes, research work and international cooperation.

If the nature of the education fields allow it, University enables and promotes a problem oriented type of education and its connection with economic practice, local and regional environment and benefits of the state. New University firmly believes that practice is an excellent way to understanding theory on a whole another level. New University’s goal is to educate critically thinking students.

New University believes that a reasonably competitive spirit in creativity and higher education is a welcome stimulation for its own progress.

New University is a distinctly all-Slovene higher education institution. It is based in Nova Gorica, but has its study centres in Kranj, Maribor and in the centre of the capital, Ljubljana. Strategical plan of internationalisation is already being implemented by study programmes in cooperation with universities in Kosovo, Croatia, United States of America and Israel.



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New University

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