The International Student Festival in Trondheim

Dear Students,

we are contacting you on behalf of ISFiT- The International Student Festival in Trondheim, which will soon take place digitally from the 11. to the 21st of February!

ISFiT is the world’s largest international student festival, and every second year we bring 500 students from all over the world to Trondheim to experience workshops, dialogue, and a broad cultural program together. Our goal is to create an open platform for students across borders to get to know each other and gain new perspectives (

As the Covid-19 pandemic has made it impossible for us to gather students in Trondheim, we have created a digital festival that we want to share with students from all over the world! This festival will consist of debates, workshops, concerts and much more, free and open to everyone! We hope that in a time with much isolation, we can bring students together to share experiences they would not otherwise get. To see all the cultural events we have to offer, go to this page:

The theme for ISFiT21 is “Creating Knowledge”. With this theme we want to shed light on both the possibilities and responsibilities that we as students have in creating knowledge. The cultural program will therefore consist of events that can discuss and highlight this in different ways.

The 14th of February we will also hand out the Student Peace Prize to METU LGBTI+ Solidarity, a Turkish student organization that for many years have worked for a more inclusive and open university campus to all.

We want to gather students from all over the world the 11.-21st of February, and hope you want to join us! It would also be much appreciated if you could share this with your organization and to other platforms you might find relevant. To follow the festival, go to our facebook page:

Hope to see you in our digital events!

Best wishes,

ISFiT 2021