International exchange

International Collaborations

The university is engaging in the international higher education space by promoting student, academic and non-academic staff exchanges with the partner institutions from abroad. The university also collaborates with the latter in different forms of higher education and international research projects.


Erasmus+ exchange programme of New University is implemented by the member Faculties of New University, who are the carriers of ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education). New University applied for the ECHE in the year of 2018.

ECHE represents the first step of being able to participate in the Erasmus programme of tertiary education.

The charter is being awarded to an institution by the European Commission and sets the basic principles and minimal requirements for the participation in the Erasmus activities. The principles and requirements must be honored and fulfilled by all the institutions, who were awarded the charter and are participating in the Erasmus programmes.

New University Erasmus policy statement:


European Faculty of Law
PIC code: 950105010
Erasmus ID code: SI NOVA-GO04
Erasmus policy statement
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

Faculty of Government and European Studies
PIC code: 947971204
Erasmus ID code: SI KRANJ03
Erasmus policy statement
Erasmus charter for higher education 2014-2020