Dear Students,

On 12-16 April 2021 Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna is going to launch our new seasonal school on “EU CRISES AND POST-BREXIT INTEGRATION (CROSSROADS)” .

The Seasonal School aims to offer a critical, multi-disciplinary assessment of the current state of the European Union (EU) following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK). Both the EU and the UK will enter uncharted territory in 2021 with Brexit and the end of the transition period. As this is the first case of withdrawal of a member state in the history of integration, different, alternative scenarios are all possible: from a ‘domino effect’ on other countries, reinforcing the wave of authoritarian populism in Europe, to the consolidation of a more differentiated Union. The multifaceted crisis of the EU, confirmed and amplified by the coronavirus epidemic, will be used to broadly reflect on the process of integration and key policy issues

Here you can find further details about our seasonal schools- for undergraduate students, with some slots for PhD students.

Here’s the call: 

The seasonal school will take place on 12- 17 April